1. Implicit Communication in Hanabi

    We are exploring how humans collaborate on teams using implicit communication through studying the collaborative card game Hanabi.

  2. Miniature Self-Driving Car

    We are building a miniature self-driving car called Skynet, Jr. to explore dynamics models, sensor fusion, and control algorithms.

  3. Social Navigation

    This project aims at developing an autonomous robotic system, capable of navigating crowded environments in a socially competent fashion.

  4. Particle Filter Visualization for Latency Compensation in VR Robotic Teleoperation

    We design a Virtual Reality robotic simulation and control tool that uses probabilistically-displayed particle filtering in order to better inform human robotic operators of the projected latent effects of their robotic control decisions.

  5. Unfamiliar Gestures

    We create and evaluate a novel approach to leveraging situated language, gesture, and context in order to be able to understand a diverse set of gestures which may be unfamiliar to a robot.

  6. Solar Airship

    We are developing an autonomous blimp capable of independent flight for extended periods of time.