Who We Are:

We are a project team working to build an autonomous blimp capable of long-term independent flight. Our team is primarily student run under the advisement of Professor Ross Knepper. The team is organized into 3 primary sub-teams: hardware, simulation, and software. Areas of interest are high-level motion planning, circuit design, sensor fusion, dynamics modeling, power system design, and computer vision.

What We’re Looking For:

At this time we’re looking for students of all levels with interest and experience in any of the following areas:

  • CAD
  • Circuit design
  • Software architecture and design

We’re especially interested in Electrical Engineering students. There are also opportunities for M.Eng. students to design a project with the blimp team. Freshman are free to inquire but should be willing to devote time to bring their skills up to speed.

Want to Join?

If you’re interested in joining, please send an email to cornell.blimp@gmail.com with your name in the subject line.